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Pokecity 3D Free Diamonds 150x150 - Pokecity 3D Free Diamonds

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About this game:

Pokecity 3D

Welcome to Pokecity 3D! There is full of unknown monsters~Would you like to be friends with them? It’s Time to assemble your team and call your friends.

There are over 1,000 monsters included in Monster Duel. There you can become what you want to be, do what your want, it’s a Free Land! Download it for FREE now!

Duels at any time
There’s over 1,000+ monsters. Build your unique team as your army to fight! When wild monsters get in your way, that’s the time to start your legendary!

Full of Strategy
Discover your favorite teams and make a choice carefully about the skills. Wins at detail, lose at detail! Thousands combinations are waiting for your explore!

Fight Together
Fight against the World Boss in the campaign to earn the diamonds and honors! Also compete with the players from all of the world!

A hill full of various monsters. Trainers can capture the monsters and let them be your partner in the kinds of battles. Special and Rare monsters just show up in the special weather, do not miss them.

Come and enjoy the game. This is a totally new world!!


Pokecity 3D Free Diamonds - Pokecity 3D Free Diamonds

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