Hexy Free Crystals

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Collect Hexy Free Crystals and play you favorite game.

Hexy Free Crystals - Hexy Free Crystals

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Collect 2,000,000 Hexy Free Crystals

buton - Hexy Free Crystals



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About this game:

So, have you been really longing for something new?

Something unusual, fresh and irresistible?

If you have, Hexy is definitely your game! Its original gameplay and challenging puzzles will really boggle your mind!

Compose hexagons from stones of the same color, find and craft rare runes and gems, or decorate the entire game field with a colorful, sparking mosaic.

Hundreds of unique, exciting levels, challenging riddles – all of this

makes Hexy a real pearl in the ocean of games.

Start playing right now and try to beat the game faster than your friends!


Hexy Free Crystals - Hexy Free Crystals

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